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How does it work?
Data is added in form of Records. Each record has a title and an optional metadata about the record. When you search the titles of the records are matched against the query in search requests and records whose titles match the query are returned
Is metadata also matched against the search query?
No. Only the titles of records will be matched. Metadata would be returned as-is with the search results. Metadata is helpful if you want to show additional details e.g. links or image urls.
Can I organize the records in different sections?
Yes. You can add the records in different sections and can search records in a particular section.
Can records be tagged as well?
Yes. You can add multiple tags to each record while adding the record using API. You can specify tags in search requests. Records having the specified tags will only be searched.
Where Can I use it?

You can use it as a quick search widget for your data in your apps. Mobile users like to autocomplete data as they type.

For many simple cases, it can be used to serve data for entire mobile app. Thus avoiding need to write and host application to serve traffic to mobile apps

Do you have any client libraries?
Not at the moment. The API is very simple to use. We may add client libraries in future.
Each plan has X number of API calls per month limit. What does it mean?
It means how many API calls you can make each month. Your API call count is incremented only when you call the search method of the API. Calling any other method of the API does not increment API call count
Are the API calls rate limited?
Yes. Rate limit applies to API calls per customer account. Though the rate limits exist, default limits are quite sufficient for API usage
How do I update a record?
Right now API does not have method to update a record. To update a record, you can delete and add it with updated values.
Do I need credit card for signup?
How is payment handled?
For payments you will be redirected to Paypal. You will be providing your payment details on Paypal.