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About - AaaS

AaaS (Autocomplete as a Service) provides 'backend' for autocomplete.

Implementing autocomplete feature requires indexing data and store indices. Also you need to implement a service to search indices and serve results as user types. This requires resources and takes time

This is why we created AaaS to provide this entire process as a service. You can call it backend as a service for autocomplete

You just add your data through our simple API, we index the data and store indices. In your autocomplete search boxes, specify our API URL as the datasource. API serves the results.

How can AaaS help?

  • You dont need to index data or write any backend service for autocomplete

  • AaaS supports large datasets. Checkout our demo where we autocomplete titles of 1 million articles

  • Powered by a simple API, designed for easiest integration into your apps. With few lines of code you get autocomplete ready into your apps

  • Add metadata with records e.g. Links, image urls, description or any other data. This helps you build powerful autocomplete UI

  • Tag the records and search by tags. Organize records into different sections

  • Mobile users want to type less. Autocomplete is not just about good user experience, but rather a need in mobile apps. A simple HTTP API for autocomplete makes integration into any mobile app very easy

Drop us an email at or tweet @aaas_io

Subhash Medatwal