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Autocomplete as a Service
Serves data for autocomplete
Add your data to AaaS                             Specify API URL as datasource for autocomplete


Large Dataset

Search titles of 1 million articles on Wikipedia. Results are served by our API

Start typing below, for example - 'List of'

The data can be downloaded here (~20MB)
It contains titles and links of 1 million articles

Autocomplete with search filters

Create beautiful autocomplete search widgets like below. As you type in text box, it searches music tracks by name. It also shows the artists, track duration, rating, genre and an image of album. We added names and meta information of 200 tracks through our API. You can see the data here
Type title track below, for example - 'Best' or 'Love' or just type 'wh'
Want to apply some filters to search?

Search tracks by Genre. Select a genre below and search in text box above

Building an autocomplete widget like this is very simple. Check out here

How it works?

It is essentially a backend as a service for autocomplete.

You add your data through our simple API, we index the data and store indices.

In your autocomplete UI code, you call our API and it returns matching results.

“Great Service. We found the concept brilliant, and the results even better.”
Mark Smith, Digital Director, Sugar The Agency

Backed by powerful result ranking algorithms.

Results ordered by number of words matched and sequence of matching words.

Add tags to records, so you can apply filters while searching

Organize records into different sections. Provides greater flexibility while searhing and showing results

Priced incredibly low. Starts from $1 per month. Of course, there is a free plan too.
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